How can you truly enjoy your commute in your new Silverado? You want to have a stress free experience each time you make your morning, afternoon or night time drive. Usually the morning and afternoon rush hour traffic can cause anxiety for even the most relaxed drivers. It can push your every button before you ever even reach your destination.

That’s because nobody likes to be stuck in traffic. Nobody likes to face long lines with the uncertainty of knowing if you’ll make it on time. It’s comparable to shopping during the Christmas season. It can bring out the worst in all of us. We all get agitated at drivers who don’t use blinkers or miss opportunities when a light is green. We all get frustrated with lines that just don’t move when we need to go. How do you overcome the anxiety and make it an enjoyable experience?

Here are some tips to enjoy your commute every day in your new Silverado.

Focus On Something Other Than Traffic

It’s important you always focus on traffic while you are actually moving. There will be times when you aren’t. You’ll be stopped and waiting during times of gridlock. There may be construction. There may be 20-30 minutes of stoppage. How do you survive that without getting overwhelmed and stressed out? You can think about the day ahead. It’s good to have a little time to yourself on the drive in to work. This might be the only true time during the entire day when you can focus on short and long term goals. What do you want to accomplish in the next week? What do you want to get done over the next year? Home life can be hectic, noisy and stressful, too. A drive into work might be the only peace you get. You can enjoy it by just relaxing and thinking about positive things.

Stretch Out In Comfort

The Silverado has an abundance of leg room for drivers and passengers. It’s always good to stretch your legs and get the oxygen flowing. This will help you relax and calm down during those tense traffic moments. You can think about your new Silverado and how you can utilize it. Can you haul something for a neighbor this weekend? Can you get work done you couldn’t get done before your purchase? You’ll have a little time if traffic is backed up to weigh some options.

Utilize Your Infotainment

You have a world class stereo system and infotainment center you can utilize while you wait. It doesn’t get much better than that. The manufacturer of the Silverado intended for you to have everything you need for long road trips and heavy traffic commutes. Music can help put you at ease. It can also get you pumped up for things like exercise. It can also level out your mood on a bad day for the commute home. You’ll have an opportunity to use applications like ApplePlay or AndroidAuto.

Have You Tried Carpooling?

A carpool doesn’t just save you fuel. It gives you a chance to talk with someone while you wait. Time passes quicker when you have someone to have a conversation with. It also relieves your stress when you’re stuck in the situation together. You might also have an alibi for being late to work if traffic really was that bad. You also get to show off your Silverado to those who don’t know how amazing this truck truly is.

Load Up On Food And Water

You might be worried about getting stuck in traffic without snacks or beverages. The Silverado has plenty of room to take extra food and bottles of water. This means you won’t be starving in case the commute costs you the opportunity to buy breakfast. You won’t be thirsty because you prepared in advance. This is an essential element of long trips. Why not make it a normal part of your everyday commute?

Leave Early For Success

It’s smart to leave a few minutes earlier each day. This gives you an opportunity to take different routes if traffic is horrific. This also gives you an opportunity to relax knowing you probably won’t be late for work. We all have heavy demands of our time. We all are expected to be in to work on time. It’s important to meet those deadlines each day. Traffic just isn’t the best excuse. That’s why our blood pressure rises when traffic builds. We have stuff to get done. We potentially have other people waiting on us. It’s important you get a better head start each morning.

You can enjoy and relax on your commute each day if you just take a little time to prepare. It’s also important to remember the functionality of your Silverado when you are stuck in traffic. You can utilize your infotainment center or leg room to relax. There’s no need to worry as long as you make sure you’re leaving early and in success mode every single day.