When it comes to maintaining the value of your Volt, aside from the usual tips, the Volt presents a new array of dilemmas for owners to tackle. The Chevy Volt is breaking new ground in the used car world. No longer is it enough to walk around, kick the tires, peer under the hood and rev the engine.

100,000 miles used to be a magic figure in the realm of used cars. Mileage above that figure tended to pull the value down, keep the mileage at 98,000 and you got a better selling price. As an EV, the Volt mileage just doesn’t equate the same way. Anecdotal information on a reputable site reports a Volt with 415,000 miles and still going with no battery replacement.

Early Volt Owners

Early Volt owners were subject to the same thing that happens to everyone when new toys get released. If you purchased a Volt in 2011-2012, you got all the bells, whistles and rebates. Proudly, you drove it around, showing off the latest, greatest thing to all the neighbors. Along comes, say, the 2014-2015 Volt. Here you have everything the original toy had, plus a lot of additional benefits that left your original Volt in the dust, so to speak.

Were you wrong in purchasing your original Volt? Of course not. It continues to serve you well, it simply is not the next generation. There will always be the next generation. A note of interest is the Volt came with a battery warranty of 100,000 miles and at least 8 years. Many used Volts for sale – not that there are an abundance of them – have passed that 100,000-mile warranty mark.

Do not be scared off by dealers demanding over $34,000 for a quote drive motor replacement battery unquote. Three lithium-ion modules essentially make up this drive motor battery. Each costs a little more or less than the other, but the total for all three does not exceed $11,500. That is if you even had to replace all three, which is unlikely.

Purchasing a 2019 Chevy Volt Today

If you purchase the 2019 Chevy Volt today, there are several things you can do to maintain the value of your vehicle:

Adhere to your recommended service and maintenance checks. If there ever was a time to stick to the dealer recommended service schedule, that time is with an ev vehicle such as the Volt. Go early, go often, just do not miss a recommended service check.
Keep copies of all maintenance and service records. No matter how small the detail, document everything in the service records and keep them in meticulous order for the best price you can get when it is time to sell.
Low mileage still matters. Even with hybrids and ev vehicles, low mileage makes a difference.

Keep your Volt damage-free. While you do not always have a say in the matter, do your best to avoid damage due to accidents or hail. While your Volt may seem indestructible, the resale value shrinks rapidly when damaged.

Fix Damage Rapidly

If your Volt gets dinged, hit or otherwise damaged, do not wait to fix the damage. If the paint chips down to the metal, repair it as quickly as you can. This is especially true in the so-called rust belt. Winters are hard on machines made of metal. Protect yours before rust sets in.

Keep the exterior clean and free of debris. When you drove your Volt off the lot, you planned to keep that vow of maintaining a spotless exterior. Eventually, it rains on your usual day to wash the car. Then, it is too windy. Before long, dirt streaks mark the car and some smart aleck wrote “clean me” in the dust.Twigs, leaves and other debris collect under the windshield wipers and in the corners of the hood. All this takes a toll on your car. Dust, dirt and debris will scratch your Volt’s finish and eventually may lead to rust. Cleaning and waxing your Volt’s exterior really does make a major difference when it comes time to trade it in.

Maintain a tidy interior. Dust quickly collects on your dashboard and other crevices in your Volt’s interior. Keep it clean not only for the resale value but for safety reasons as well. Vacuum and shampoo your interior rugs and upholstery. If offered, ask your dealer to treat your new Volt with a fabric protector and periodically have it reapplied. This helps avoid most stains if you wipe them away immediately.
Check with your dealer and mechanic regularly. They are well-positioned to give you the most up-to-date advice about maintaining the value of your Volt. Regardless of when you sell, or who you sell it to, you will have the advantage of getting the highest resale price available for your Volt.

Obviously, doing everything on this list will serve you well when it comes to resale value. However, it also serves to keep your Volt is the best possible running condition. Who knows, you may plan to keep it well into its vintage years.