Is there anything better than a road trip? Music turned up, windows rolled down—just cruising along with your friends or family. No matter your destination, your new Camaro is the perfect road trip car.

Having the perfect vehicle, alone, isn’t enough. You need to know what steps to take to get the most out of your road trip. Follow these tips for a memorable and exciting road trip adventure:

1. Schedule the Road Trip

While it might sound thrilling and spontaneous to take a road trip on a whim, this ultimately is not the best idea. For long distances and out-of-state road trips especially, you will definitely benefit from some pre-trip planning. First and foremost, you’ll need to pick the dates. You will likely have to plan to take time off of work or school. If you’re traveling close to the holidays, high traffic volume is very likely. Try to plan your trip on a date and time when there will be fewer people on the road. Your road trip can turn out to be a serious bummer if you’re sitting in traffic for most of it.

2. Drive The Right Car

The Camaro is a great road trip car for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s fun to drive. It’s also got a host of features that make the travel experience more enjoyable. Two of the most important things to have during a long trip are climate control and quality music. Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s also safe. While road trips are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, you should feel prepared and protected in the event that anything happens out there on the open road. Navigation and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities are awesome to have, too. Your new Camaro will be your best friend on your road trip.

3. Avoid The Highway

Yes, highways are certainly the faster way of reaching your final destination. However, road trips aren’t just about the destination—they’re about the journey. With that idea in mind, you should consider staying off the highway. Try to take the backroads, instead. There’s a lot more scenery, and you can even avoid heavy traffic areas by using backroads to go around major highways and interstates. Along the backroads, you can usually find some variety of entertainment and amusement. It might be something historical, whimsical, or just plain weird! These small side trips are sure to delight the whole family and create even more long-lasting memories. You might also meet some interesting people with some cool road trip stories of their own.

4. Use Your Smartphone

Be sure to bring along your smartphone (not like you could forget it, right?) and a car charger. There are countless apps that can add tons of value to your road trip. Music, navigation, and even community apps to identify interesting places to check out in each town you pass through. You can also get real-time traffic updates to avoid accident-related traffic jams. You can check out restaurant reviews when you stop to eat to be sure you’re dining at a great establishment. Perhaps most importantly, smartphones can be a source of entertainment for your passengers. You might pass through some long stretches of road that offer very little to enjoy—maybe just fields of corn or rows of trees. With a smartphone, your passengers can listen to their own music, play games, or watch movies. Be sure everyone has their own headphones so as not to distract the driver too much.

5. Plan to Make Stops

Road trips mean long stretches of time sitting still in the car. Depending on the trip, it might be three hours or it might be fifteen hours. That’s a lot of time in the car. Your body might stiffen and cramp up, or you might even start to feel a little loopy! To keep yourself comfortable and ensure you’re in the best possible condition to be driving, make sure you have a list of places to stop and rest. You might stop for an hour, or you might need a place to spend the night on a multi-day road trip. If you do need to stay overnight, try to locate and reserve a hotel ahead of time. The last thing you want to be doing when you’re exhausted is driving around looking for a vacancy.

6. Stop Frequently

The journey itself is the most important, and most memorable, part of a road trip. If you focus too much on reaching the destination, you’ll miss out on the real experience. Take the time to stop, rest, and explore. Not only will you have better endurance for the trip, but you’re guaranteed to find something new and intriguing. After all, road trips are all about discovery, bonding, and freedom.