Chevrolet vehicles have come a long way since 1919. That was the year Alfred Sloan chose Chevy to be the “volume leader” of the General Motors automobile operation. His dream was to produce a car for every “purse and purpose,” a dream that Chevy has certainly realized over the course of its long history. The rest was history. By 1929, Chevy in its current iteration had bested Ford as the bestselling vehicle in the United States. Of course, if you’ve just recently purchased a Chevy, this somewhat in-depth history won’t mean a lot to your modern goals out on the road. It might, however, serve as a brief reminder that the vehicle you’re driving is always something special if it’s a Chevy. This is a brand with a long and fabled history in the United States, and you are rightly proud to be driving a Chevrolet vehicle today. Whether it’s one of Chevy’s rock solid pickups or a daring sports car, it’s fine to get a little more serious about your adventures out on the road.

Just like the Chevy brand itself, you and your first Chevy will have a long and storied history together. To make that history a little more memorable, you can follow one or all of these recommended suggestions for how to best enjoy your legendary Chevy car, truck, or SUV.

Tips For Enjoying Your First Chevy

You’ve brought the model home and probably looked over its many features as you drove away in your new or used Chevy. If it’s new, it’s got that great new car smell with a lot of new technology to absorb. If it’s used, you know you’re getting a piece of history and now it’s your turn to revel in the luxury. Here are just a few suggestions for getting the most out of your experience with Chevy.

Read Up On Your Model’s History

It doesn’t have to be one of Chevy’s legendary models. In fact, it can be an economy car from Chevy. If it’s got that Chevy stamp on it, it’s going to have some interesting history! And if it’s the first model of its kind, you can definitely get some late night reading thrills by learning more about the model that you’re going to be spending so much time driving over the coming years and decades. Reading is a way to get closer to your model, and of course, if you read about the more technical aspects of your Chevy, you can get a head-start on performing more meticulous maintenance when you need to. That might not sound like enjoyment, but when you maintain and repair your Chevy promptly, you ensure that you’ll have a lot more time to enjoy it.

Crank Up The Audio

Whether your model is old or new, you’ve got a lot to look forward to from your audio system. If it’s a recent model, you might have access to goodies like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And of course you’ll have your library of tunes to take along with you when you go. Upgrading your audio system is also a possibility in the future. If you’re not satisfied with your current experience, get online and read about potential systems that can boost your audio performance and the timeless enjoyment of music while you’re out on the road. Getting behind the wheel is always more enjoyable when you have a great soundtrack to power you ahead during your drive.

Take A Long Drive

Leisurely drives will never go out of style. While most people will use their first Chevy to get to work, school, and social outings – all things that are necessary and admirable – sometimes it’s most enjoyable when you enjoy driving for the sake of driving. Watch the world go by, have one of your great friends come along with you, or simply go for a long drive to clear your thoughts. Turn up the music or keep it quiet. You’re sure to get a lot of enjoyment simply from the thrill of driving a Chevy model.

Make Extra Money From Your Chevy

We’ve all heard about the individual driving services that let people earn a little extra money for taxiing people about. You can use your first Chevy to get one of life’s greatest enjoyments: Earning extra cash. And while this won’t be for everyone, making use of your Chevy to earn that extra cash means more gas money for taking road trips and the things in life that you enjoy the most. You can become better at this with every trip.

These are just a few ideas for enjoying your new Chevy vehicle. There’s always room for more. All you have to do is give it some thought. For now, remember:

Read up on your model’s history.
Crank up the audio.
Take a long drive.
Make extra cash from your Chevy.
And more importantly, enjoy the ride.