The field of automotive repair is changing as rapidly as the vehicles themselves. If you’ve noticed, most vehicles today don’t have bumpers and are controlled by computers. Gone are the days when you could call up your uncle or cousin to adjust your carburetor when the vehicle won’t start or is running rough. Nowadays, automotive repair has become extremely specialized. The mechanics are now called automotive service technicians because the types of repairs they carry out are rarely pure mechanics.

There are very few qualified choices for satisfactory service on late-model vehicles. All the choices seem to descend like a pyramid into lowering degrees of specialization and quality consistency. When it comes to resources and tools, the dealership is essentially at the top of this pyramid, followed by commercial franchises, and finally independent repair shops. Let’s compare the virtues of each below.

Warranty Protection

Your Chevy Cruze offers you many warranty protections. These protections are voided when you install aftermarket parts. Only an authorized Chevrolet dealer can fulfill warranty service on your vehicle. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that are identical to the parts used to assemble your Chevy Cruze in the factory. These Genuine Chevy parts come with an industry-standard one-year warranty to ensure the quality of the installation and parts.

These parts are guaranteed to fit because they are special ordered to match your specific vehicle VIN number. When you take your vehicle to service at any other shop, you are likely to receive aftermarket parts or used parts. These imitation parts are typically mass-produced in third world countries with little to no quality standards. Chevy has its entire reputation on the line when it offers its warranted Genuine Chevy parts.

Exclusive Resources: Technical Service Bulletins, Recalls, Factory Manuals, Computer Diagnostic Systems

The types of repairs on vehicles today require extensive computer resources. There are many thousands of different issues that diversely affect a wide variety of models. When you have service performed at our dealership, we are able to pull up all the relevant computer resources based on your vehicle’s VIN number. We have access to Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s) that reveal issues trending in your particular model. If your vehicle comes in with a specific engine code that is popping up in this model across the nation, there may be a recall or specific technical computer fix that a general repair shop would never imagine.

Only authorized Chevy dealers are able to perform gratuitous recall work on your vehicle. If you have ever picked up a factory manual for a late-model vehicle, you quickly realize how exceedingly complex the repairs have become. While the onboard computer systems were designed to simplify diagnostics and repairs, the issues are rarely straightforward. Only specialists with years of experience focused exclusively on Chevrolet’s could possibly decode complex computer diagnostics. Only authorized Chevy dealers have factory computer diagnostic tools that interact with every facet of your vehicle’s onboard computer system.

Commercial chain shops and independent garages rarely can promise anything if you bring your vehicle in for complex repairs. They like to change mufflers, brake pads, axles, tires, and oil, all day long. They can make time on these repairs and mark up the parts 5000% to pad the bill. If they are not able to make time on the repair they will blame your vehicle. When you ask them what is wrong, they ask you how much money you have to experiment with it. Because they make so much money on the parts, they will throw parts at your vehicle until you are out of money and give up.

Customer Satisfaction Incentives

Only an authorized Chevy dealer has an interest in building a strong bond between you and your Chevy. We want to protect the reputation of the Chevy name. If you don’t roll off into the sunset with a bouquet of roses after any repair, we have failed. Our largest investment is in customer acquisition. We know that everyone who shops for a vehicle at our dealership expects world-class service and that they will gossip to their friends and family if we do anything wrong. Our high-volume business model is dependent upon customer satisfaction.

We are committed to building a community resource to keep car buying competitive and drivers safe. We make very slim profit margins on the new vehicles that come to us from the factory. If we fail to retain customers for life, then our dealership becomes a relic. We have to invest in the latest tools and hire the most skilled workers to keep our competitive edge. The reality is that people are frugal as a matter of principle. Independent and commercial chain shops capitalize upon this by offering illusory discounts on pricing that you pay for in the long run when the parts fail prematurely.