The 2019 Chevrolet Malibu is a mid-size sedan that prioritizes style and functionality. Its sleek, simple exterior and interior create a stylish finish that isn’t too flashy. Despite its luxurious look and feel, the 2019 Malibu isn’t just all about looks. This sedan’s high-tech features, impressive power with competitive fuel efficiency, and top-rated dependability offer you the comfort and convenience of modern amenities and guarantee a smooth, reliable driving experience for both drivers and passengers.

Available Trim Levels

If you’re in the market for a 2019 Malibu, you can choose between several different trim levels depending on your budget and what you value most in the cars you drive. Available trim levels for the newest Malibu model include—in order of upgrade—L, LS, RS, LT, Premier, and Hybrid. All of these trim levels have the same standard features that define the 2019 Malibu series, but they differ in both minor features and more major components like engine and transmission options.

LT vs. Hybrid

The LT and the Hybrid are two of the most sought-after, top-rated Chevrolet Malibu models. These two models represent hybrid and non-hybrid versions of the best that the 2019 Malibu series has to offer.

Engine and Transmission

Two of the most notable differences between the Malibu LT and Hybrid are their different engine and transmission options. The LT features a powerful turbo 4-cylinder 1.5-L engine with 160 horsepower. The Hybrid is equipped with a gas/electric 4-cylinder 1.8-L engine with 122 horsepower. As for transmission, the LT has a standard continuous variable transmission system and the Hybrid comes with an automatic hybrid transmission.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is where the hybrid and non-hybrid 2019 Malibu LT models really differ. Not surprisingly, the Hybrid’s eco-friendly 1.8-L engine offers a notably higher gas mileage. Its estimated mileage is 43 mpg on the highway and 49 mpg in the city. This competitive gas mileage puts the fuel efficiency of the Malibu Hybrid on par with other midsize hybrid car models on the market.

Although it definitely doesn’t match that of the Hybrid, the Malibu LT’s fuel efficiency is still impressive when compared to that of other midsize sedans on the market. Its 1.5-L engine uses special fuel-saving technologies to offer 36 mpg on the highway and 29 mpg in the city. Despite the competitive mileage of the LT model among non-hybrid vehicles, the Malibu Hybrid is still the way to go if fuel efficiency is your priority.


Both the LT and the Hybrid are equipped with a host of safety features that meet and exceed safety standards among modern sedans. The notable safety features that are available in both models include forward collision alert, lane change alert, rear cross traffic alert, rear park assist, following distance indicator, and more.

The differences in the safety features between the LT and the Hybrid are minor, but the Hybrid model offers slightly more high-tech versions of some of the safety features that are standard in both models. Both the LT and the Hybrid are equipped with a rear view camera, but the Hybrid camera is HD. The Hybrid also features an electronic parking brake, whereas the LT’s parking brake is manual.

Price Point

As their amenities and special features increase, the 2019 Malibu models also go up in price. The LT is the third upgrade in the Malibu series, which means it is slightly more expensive than the standard L model as well as the upgraded LS and RS models. New LT models are available starting at about $26,500. If you’re looking for a model with a luxurious feel and a host of special features that aren’t available in the base trim level without breaking the bank, the Malibu LT is a smart choice. Its special features make it stand out from the L base model, but it is significantly more affordable than the Premier —the highest upgrade when it comes to Malibu trim levels that comes with a price tag of about $32,000.

The Malibu Hybrid model is more expensive than the L, LS, RS, and LT models. However, the price for a brand new Hybrid starts at just over $28,000, which makes it significantly more affordable than the Premier model. Among modern hybrid vehicles, the Malibu Hybrid’s price is competitive—especially considering its impressive fuel efficiency, engine power, and high-tech features. If you value eco-friendliness and prefer to drive hybrid vehicles, upgrading to the Malibu Hybrid model is most likely worth it for you. Although the Hybrid is the second most expensive 2019 Malibu model, its higher price tag won’t make an extremely drastic difference to the base cost of your new car. Plus, you’ll end up getting that money back and then some through the money you save on fuel expenses.