Matt 00:03
All right, everybody. Thank you for tuning in once again. It is your host. It’s Matt Holandez with Think Creative. I’m out here in Simi Valley over at Simi Valley Chevrolet. And I’m trying something different right now, man. I’m actually underneath the service bay. So if you hear a lot of wind, it’s just because it’s windy outside. We’re out here, outdoors, and I’m here with my guy, man. Jesus, what’s up, man, how you been?
Jesus 00:25
Chilling, man, good. How you doing?
Matt 00:26
Chilling, man. Been good. Shoot, how was the holidays, bro? Thanksgiving good?
Jesus 00:30
Good, lot of food. Ate healthy. Yeah.
Matt 00:30
Yeah? That’s what I’m talk– healthy? Come on, now [laughter]. Ain’t nothing healthy about Thanksgiving grub, man. Hey, so I wanted to talk to you real quick about bringing my car in, man. So I obviously got to get my car in. You’ve seen it, man. It needs some service. But I’m hoping you could tell me, because me and you know each other, so I’m not trying to get got or nothing like that. I’m just trying to figure out what it is that I got to look for or when I got to bring my car in. So is there anything you could help me out with there?
Jesus 01:01
Of course.
Matt 01:03
So what should I look for? I heard about this multi-point. I don’t know if that’s something that you do ordinarily. Is it complimentary? What do I got to do?
Jesus 01:11
On the day of the complimentary, we check your windshield wipers, the fluid, radiator fluid, brake fluid, take the wheels off, check the brake for dust, abnormal wear, rotor scored, bolts loose, anything–
Matt 01:25
You talked about the rotors, how do I know if I got a rotor problem?
Jesus 01:31
Grinding, when you’re driving, you hit the brakes, the steering wheel shudders at high speeds, freeway speeds.
Matt 01:36
Oh, so that’s when I get that shake?
Jesus 01:38
That shake.
Matt 01:39
Oh, shoot. I think you might have to check that out for me, bro. So typically, if I check my brake pads in time, I won’t have a rotor problem? Or is that something totally different?
Jesus 01:52
No, just wear and tear, mainly, how you drive a car, how you stop, how fast you’re going on the freeway and when you hit the brakes and stuff like that.
Matt 02:00
Man, you know how I drive, dude. And the freeways are crazy out here. It’s always stop-and-go. Yeah. Okay. So I’ll check that out. And then you also do tire? You inspect my tires?
Jesus 02:10
We check tire depth, the tire, make sure it’s not dry rot-cracked. We’ll also check the date on the tire and let you know if they’re out of date.
Matt 02:18
Oh, dang. I didn’t even know I had to– okay. So the amount of years I have on my tires, that’s important?
Jesus 02:25
Usually they’re good for four years for manufacturers, they–
Matt 02:28
Oh, four years. All right. I think I’m overdue on some tires then too, man. I think I’ve had the same set of tires since I got here which is maybe like five years ago.
Jesus 02:38
Oh, you’re due. Buy you some tires.
Matt 02:39
Yeah, for sure. In the winter time– I don’t know if this is true. I’ve heard, though, that in the wintertime, I guess, it’s normal for me to see the tire pressure light come on. Is that true?
Jesus 02:52
Of course, because it’s colder so the air shrinks. Once it gets hotter, the tire expands with the air inside.
Matt 02:57
Ah, okay. Yeah. That does make sense. All right. So yeah, I’m going to need you to check that for me too. Okay. So if I got to make an appointment, do I just ask them just for the service or what– any service I get here at the shop, you’re going to do that complimentary for me and tell me if there’s anything else I need to get done?
Jesus 03:17
Of course. If your car comes in for your wipers not working, they check the wipers and let you know, and then they also do a multi-point inspection through the whole car to let you know what you’re due for and what the car needs and what’s going on with it.
Matt 03:30
Yeah. And obviously, with the rain we’ve been having recently, man. It’s not a bad idea to get the windshield wipers checked on– I think that’s one of the things that a lot of people, they tend to forget or they just kind of sleep on that because we hardly ever use them. What you think?
Jesus 03:44
Oh, that’s true. I mean, it doesn’t rain out here in California that much. I mean, once that you hit a puddle, water hits your windshield, then you hit it and that’s it. But not like constant water when it’s hitting you.
Matt 03:55
Right. You been in California your whole life?
Jesus 03:56
Yes, sir.
Matt 03:57
Oh, okay. Yeah, me too. So I don’t even know what weather is like anywhere else. I know this is one of the coldest winters I’ve ever been involved with, though. But you know me, I’m skinny as heck, so I always need a jacket. What you got going for the holidays, man?
Jesus 04:11
Nothing much, just staying home, not traveling, waiting for the family to come over and–
Matt 04:16
Oh, they coming to you, huh?
Jesus 04:17
Matt 04:18
Okay. I might be coming too, depending on who’s cooking. Is it you cooking, or–?
Jesus 04:23
My wife’s cooking.
Matt 04:24
Then I am coming over, definitely. I’m a be there, man. All right. I know it’s pretty busy. I don’t know if they’re calling you right now, man. I apologize, listeners, for the noise. Just let me get you real quick about some of the other important things I got to look for. When it comes to the multi-point inspection, now you told me that you go over the tire pressure, the year, the age of the tire. Typically, it’s four years, you said, before it has to be changed. Is there anything under the hood that I should be looking for?
Jesus 04:57
Oil, yeah, oil level to see if your car’s not burning oil, leaking, your AC, the condenser, worn out belts, squeaking tensioners, anything like that.
Matt 05:08
And then maybe you can help me out here. I don’t think I have a belt. It might be a chain. Is there a difference?
Jesus 05:15
Well, chain’s internal, belt you could see. For a chain, it’s just, you go off the mileage to check that.
Matt 05:21
Oh, okay. I got a ton of mileage too, by the way. I got a lot to look at on the car. I mean, and so let me ask you again, just real fast. If I got to take my car in, right? And let’s say you let me know that I got a ton of work that I got to do based off of your multi-point inspection, is that something that you guys are going to do right away? Or are you actually going to let me kind of see what it is that, let’s just say bad brakes for example. Are you guys going to actually show me that? Or is it something that I just kind of got to trust you guys with?
Jesus 05:59
Of course, once we do the multi-point inspection, we go off measurements for your brakes. We’ll take pictures, we’ll save them. We’ll send them to you if you give us your email, and go from there. You do want to take care the safety issues first though. So if it’s a worn out wiper blade, it’s not a safety issue. You’d want to do your brakes rather than work on your wipers.
Matt 06:21
Okay. So you guys aren’t going to force me to get at all done at one time. I can go little by little?
Jesus 06:25
Of course not, yeah. Whatever you feel that you need, that is your safety issue, and we can take care of.
Matt 06:30
Yeah. So all right. I will trust you on letting me know what I need to prioritize, obviously brakes. And I think I have waited a while on my brakes. I do feel a little shake. So does that necessarily mean I got to change my rotors or is that something I could– is there another way?
Jesus 06:48
No, we’ll take the tires off and measure your rotors and we’ll go off of a scale. It’ll tell you if it’s– sometimes, on a Camaro, it’s 30 millimeters. If it’s less than 30 measured with a micrometer, then it’s replace them. If you have time, we can cut them.
Matt 07:05
Oh, okay so that’s that resurfacing?
Jesus 07:07
Resurfacing, yes.
Matt 07:08
Perfect. Is that typically less expensive than just changing the whole thing?
Jesus 07:13
Of course.
Matt 07:14
All right. So let me know if I could do that. I’m going to go ahead and let you go and just inspect my car, man. I appreciate your time. I know you’re busy out here and it is kind of windy. So again, I’m a see you during the holidays, right?
Jesus 07:24
Yes, sir. We’ll be there.
Matt 07:25
Hah. All right. I appreciate the time. Thanks a lot.
Jesus 07:28
You’re welcome.
S3 07:30
That was cool.
Matt 07:32
That’s it, man.