Matt 00:02
All right, everybody. Welcome back. It’s another episode of the Simi Valley Chevrolet Podcast. I am your host. It’s Matt with Think Creative, and today I’m talking to a sales and leasing consultant by the name of Ed Malloroy. Mallory?
Ed 00:16
Matt 00:17
Mallory. I apologize for that, man. How are you?
Ed 00:20
How’s it going, man? I’m pretty good.
Matt 00:21
I’m doing well, man. It’s good to meet you.
Ed 00:22
Yeah, you as well.
Matt 00:24
Yeah. I appreciate it. Man, so me and my guys, we were out here, obviously, and you were doing some of your photo shoots for some of your other cars and everything like that and you actually were able to help us out a lot. So again, we appreciate your time.
Ed 00:38
Oh yeah, no problem.
Matt 00:39
One thing that I did want to kind of ask, man, just because we want to be able to shed some light on just the personalities that we have here at the dealership. We just kind of want to let our listeners know that we’re real people here, you know?
Ed 00:51
Matt 00:52
So let us know how you got started.
Ed 00:57
So I actually started as a porter. A lot of people, it’s like a good entry-level entryway into the car dealership. So I was a porter for about three months here. And as a porter– you know what a porter does, right?
Matt 01:15
Yeah. Yeah, right.
Ed 01:16
You wash the car, gas it up, things like that. I stood out as a porter to where people in the service department were like, “Ah, man, maybe you can be a tech.” Or people in the car sales were like, “Man, you should be selling cars.” I just didn’t fit in as the porter. I stood out a lot. So long story short, I did that for about three months. I quit. I quit and then I came back two months later into sales.
Matt 01:42
Ed 01:44
I was actually fortunate enough to get let back in. And what? From the beginning, I started the 15th of May 2017 and I had more cars in that half of the month than some of the guys that were here the whole month. And then month after month, I just kept ending up like in the top– not to toot my own horn or be bragging or anything but–
Matt 02:09
Hey, man, it’s okay [laughter].
Ed 02:12
But I don’t know. It’s like, you show me a person’s why, I’ll tell you why they’re successful or not. You know what I mean? So with that being said, I kind of just come to work and I’m like, “Give it 100% when I’m here.”
Matt 02:27
Yes, sir.
Ed 02:27
And I leave all the drama or whatever is going on outside of here, there, when I’m here. So yeah, just–
Matt 02:36
Perfect, man.
Ed 02:36
–that’s how I kind of jumped into sales.
Matt 02:38
So were you doing sales outside of this before, or?
Ed 02:41
I mean, yeah. I mean, life is sales, really. If you think about it, from the moment you’re born, you got to sell or be sold. You want milk, you want this type–
Matt 02:52
I had to show mama I needed that. I wanted that. Yeah, yeah.
Ed 02:54
You want these type of shoes or you want those shoes, you got to sell to get it, so. But me, I had a spa out in Florida and I was just selling facials and microdermabrasions and things like that. Groupon was a big part in a lot of the success of that because we had a lot of return customers coming back. But yeah, other than that, I just jumped right into car sales and it’s been pretty good to me.
Matt 03:24
So [laughter] you’re enjoying it.
Ed 03:26
Yeah, I’m loving it.
Matt 03:27
Perfect, man. So how long have you actually been here doing sales at Simi Valley?
Ed 03:31
What? Since May 15, 2017.
Matt 03:35
Wow. Okay.
Ed 03:36
So a little bit over a year.
Matt 03:37
A little bit over a year. Yeah. So was Black Friday– that was great for you?
Ed 03:41
Man, Black Friday was crazy. It was more customers than salesmen. [I made some sales?] [laughter].
Matt 03:45
Wow. That’s a good thing. That’s a good thing, right?
Ed 03:49
Yeah, man.
Matt 03:50
Well, yeah, you just kind of want to [laughter].
Ed 03:52
It was busy. It was a busy weekend.
Matt 03:54
You guys anticipate that same sort of thing toward the end of the year, December or January?
Ed 03:57
Oh, yeah. It’s always big right around the end of the year. It started out as a good month, actually. Last month was real slow. It was slow starting but it finished strong. And December, it picked up faster than last month. So right now, it’s looking like it’s going to be a beautiful month as well. End the year off right.
Matt 04:16
Yeah. That’s perfect. On behalf of some listeners and maybe even myself, man, because I’ve been checking out some of the cars you got out there–
Ed 04:27
Yeah. Telling you. Telling you.
Matt 04:28
So talk to me about different options that I got, man, maybe when it comes to leasing or actually buying the car.
Ed 04:35
Okay. So I’m glad you asked that question because you get some people coming in here and they’re like, “I like a–” you ask them are they leasing or financing and they’re like, “I buy my cars.” And I’m like, “Well, are you doing a cash deal or are you making payments on it?” And they’re like, “Oh, I’m going to finance.” And I’m like, “Well, actually, sir, until that car’s paid off–” or, “Ma’am, until that vehicle’s paid off, it’s not your car.”
Matt 04:59
It’s not yours. Right.
Ed 05:00
You know what I mean? You’re making payments, but it’s not yours until you actually pay it off. So whether you lease or finance, you’re still making payments on the vehicle. Just with leasing, you have a few more options than finance because if you finance it, it’s pay your loan off and that’s it. But with leasing, you’ve got– it’s like three to five options. One aspect, you take the keys. You’re leasing this car. At the end of the lease, you can say, “You know what? I’m done with this. Here’s your keys,” and you walk away. You have that option. Then you have the option like, “You know what? I really like this car. You know what? I think I’m going to keep it.” Instead of going and buying a pre-owned vehicle, you just do a lease buy-out and buy the same vehicle that you’re already driving. You know the whole history on that vehicle. And then they have like a swap-keys. Say you like the latest model. You lease your vehicle for three years. After that three years, you’d like the vehicle that’s three years newer. So you just come in like, “You know what? I like that 2021 model.” And you drop the car off and you hop into the 2021 model, keep your payment about the same, maybe a little more or less. But I would kind of look at leasing, or just cars in general, as a utility bill. I like to be in the latest, newest things, and that’s something you like to do, then lease. You don’t got to worry about the warranty. You don’t got to worry about too much in the maintenance because a lot of them come with oil changes. You know what I mean?
Matt 06:37
Ed 06:38
And then some people get caught up, “Well, oh, I drive too many miles. I drive way too many miles.” But their whole thing is it doesn’t matter how many miles you drive if you’re buying it at the end. So you could do a 10,000-mile lease and then purchase it at the end. There’s no penalty on your over-miles if you purchase the vehicle at the end. And there’s really no penalty on the miles if you trade the car in towards another vehicle as well.
Matt 07:05
Trade in your lease?
Ed 07:06
Yeah. Trade the car in and then the dealership that you’re trading it in to pays off the rest of the vehicle, depending on where your equity position is, like if you’re in an equity position or not. But I don’t know. I think I’m going to be leasing for a while. I actually dig it. Technology changes about every three years. When you lease, this way you’re not going to be making payments on a car that’s three years old when there’s new technology that you’re not able to partake on or benefit from.
Matt 07:36
Yeah, man. That new infotainment center and all that. Right [laughter]?
Ed 07:40
Exactly. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi, you know?
Matt 07:44
Yeah. Exactly. Yeah, that’s real interesting that you brought that up because I was always under the impression, like when you said earlier, that buying the car was the way to go because I drove so much. But I didn’t think about all those other options where, how you mentioned, if I love the car, then hey, I could just purchase it.
Ed 08:05
Exactly. You got options. You got options.
Matt 08:06
Exactly. And that’s what everybody loves right now is those options.
Ed 08:09
It’s options.
Matt 08:10
Yeah. I’m glad you talked about that. You also mentioned, though, having the latest and greatest and you’re that type of person that loves that stuff. So that LA Auto Show was recent. Yeah.
Ed 08:21
Oh, man. Yeah, it was nice.
Matt 08:23
That was nice. There was a ton of different brands out there, man.
Ed 08:26
All new vehicles. It was fun to look at.
Matt 08:29
So rumor has it– and I don’t know if this is a rumor, but maybe you could just shed some light on it for me. Is it true that we’re bringing back the TrailBlazer?
Ed 08:38
That TrailBlazer’s coming back.
Matt 08:39
Are you serious, man?
Ed 08:40
It’s coming back better than ever, too.
Matt 08:42
What do you mean? How?
Ed 08:43
I don’t know if you’re a fan of sports cars. You like the Camaro?
Matt 08:47
Ed 08:48
Pretty much going to have the same front end as the Camaros but in a SUV form.
Matt 08:52
Ed 08:53
Yeah, man.
Matt 08:54
So you’re going to give me a bigger-body Camaro, basically?
Ed 08:59
Yeah, man. Yeah, a bigger-body Camaro. It’s pretty much like we got the Equinox, Traverse.
Matt 09:03
Yeah. Those are very nice cars too, by the way.
Ed 09:05
So it’s like this is going to have your front and back seat like in the Equinox, a little bit more spacious. I kind of think of it as our version of a Range Rover.
Matt 09:16
Okay. Whoah. Okay [laughter].
Ed 09:19
It looks real good.
Matt 09:20
When is that coming? Do you know?
Ed 09:22
I can’t even say. It should be popping up any second, though.
Matt 09:25
Really? Oh, man.
Ed 09:25
Yeah. Keep your eye out for that.
Matt 09:27
Okay. There’s got to be a lot of people that’s excited for that, especially families, things like that. Just the reasons for having the SUV but you’ve still got that in you–
Ed 09:37
You’ve still got that sport.
Matt 09:37
–where you still want to be sporty [laughter]. That sounds perfect, man. Is there anything else that’s kind of exciting you about 2019?
Ed 09:46
I mean, just doing better. I mean, it seems like California’s been great to me. You know what I mean? 2000–
Matt 09:55
You said you’re from Florida, originally.
Ed 09:56
I’m from Pittsburgh, actually.
Matt 09:57
Pittsburgh. Okay.
Ed 09:58
I moved out here– what? July’ll make about three years in California.
Matt 10:02
Wow. Okay. Well, welcome, man.
Ed 10:04
Yeah, I appreciate it, man. Thanks.
Matt 10:05
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I guess maybe I should’ve asked this before, but– so from Pittsburgh to Florida to California, how did you transition and why?
Ed 10:18
Well, when I originally went to Florida– because I jumped into graphic design. I took on a course at Full Sail University. And I got my degree in graphic design. I worked with that for a few years. When I had the spa I mentioned in Florida, I was doing all the marketing and stuff for that like the website, the brochures, just all the ads and everything with that. And then I had my other clients as well, but it was a lot of freelance because like me– some people can– right out of college, they can jump into a internship and work for free and things like that. But me, I had two daughters and a wife. I couldn’t really go to work for free. So I was freelancing, but then a lot of those companies don’t consider your freelance as experience. You have to be with a company and a lot of companies don’t want you to– it’s one of those things. It’s not what you know. It’s who you know. You know what I mean? So at the end of the day, I jumped into sales and after doing it, I kind of– I don’t have any regrets or anything, but it would have been– I think about what if I would have jumped right into sales out of high school? How many properties would I have right now? What would my net income be right now if I would have done that? But you live and you learn. Better late than never, you know?
Matt 11:39
True, true. This guy’s dropping some gems right now [laughter].
Ed 11:42
And then what? California– what brought me here to California is just the entertainment industry. I’m not going to go too far into that but I’m in the entertainment business as well. So this is like the stomping ground for it. And I sell cars because it’s a lucrative business for me to be able to take care of the family until things pick up where I need them to pick up in the entertainment field.
Matt 12:10
Yeah. Now you talk about selling cars, obviously, being a lucrative industry. I just want to touch on this and I don’t want to get in too deep because maybe that’s for a different podcast. But there are some new companies aside from dealerships, from rival dealerships or other dealerships, now coming in and they’re called disrupters in the industry, maybe like third-party people coming in, third-party companies where you can kind of do everything now through your phone, through an app and get the car that you want and kind of do that. Do you feel like that’s affecting sales in any way?
Ed 12:51
Not so much, because, I mean, this store here,even– we have our walk-ins and things like that but really, it’s like an internet store. So I cater to my internet crowd. They’re like our VIP customers as well. You know what I mean? So a lot of people want the number over the phone or they want information on a vehicle or a video or pictures and all of that before even coming into the dealership. I’ve worked deals where customers never even stepped in the dealership, and I’ve delivered a vehicle to their home, did the paperwork in their living room or in the kitchen. You know what I mean? Make the trade-in, pick up the trade-in and everything. So you just got to conform. You got to adjust. No customer is the same. You got to know who your customer is and try to meet their needs as best you can.
Matt 13:42
That’s beautiful, man. So that’s one good thing about the website. Listeners, if you’re out there and interested in a car and in the area, you can go to the Simi Valley Chevrolet website and you can obviously do some research on the cars that are actually on the lot, whether they’re pre-owned or whether they’re brand new. Again, them 2019s are beautiful, beautiful cars. That’s inside, outside, under the hood. I’m telling you, guys. Just take a look. And then if you have any questions, you can actually ask those questions online. And then, of course, just hop right in. Come see Ed. Ed’s your guy.
Ed 14:16
Matt 14:16
So, man, I know you’re busy. We’re out here and we’re actually trying to finish up some filming ourselves. So I do appreciate your time, man. I would love to sit and talk to you even more, and maybe we can meet again and just do some more podcasts and anything. But I’m going to go ahead and end it here. I think we got a lot of great information, man, so I appreciate you for dropping those jewels that you did.
Ed 14:39
Oh, yeah. Appreciate you having me.
Matt 14:43
No worries, man. Honestly, it’s a pleasure, man, to know somebody that’s willing to give the advice that you give. We’re all going through our own journeys, man. So it’s nice to see somebody that is still going through his journey and how you mentioned how everything you’ve learned, and you don’t regret anything.
Ed 15:03
Matt 15:04
But sometimes it is kind of– you do have to take some time and say, “What if I did that?”
Ed 15:07
Matt 15:08
That is real special, man. So happy holidays to your family–
Ed 15:13
Hey, same to you, man.
Matt 15:13
–and yourself, man. I’m going to come back. I’m definitely going to be going for some test drives, man, so you and me are going to get to know each other a little bit more. I have a car in the shop right now, so they’re telling me it’s– yeah, I neglected a few things. So we’ll see what the options are. I might get into leasing myself, now that you mentioned some of the advice there with the leasing stuff. Before I let you go, man, I’m just throwing it out there. I know you said you were in entertainment. Do you want to plug anything? Instagrams? Anything like that?
Ed 15:43
Yeah. You know what? If you’re on Instagram, go to follow me at
Matt 15:51
3dash– 360?
Ed 15:53
Matt 15:54
Got it.
Ed 15:54
Matt 15:55
Ed 15:55 is the website.
Matt 15:58
Ed 15:58
And then social media, it all is the– it’s all the same.
Matt 16:01
Awesome. All right, man. We appreciate the time. Listeners, again, if you’re out there, come see Ed. He’ll answer all your questions if you’re looking for anything pre-owned, anything brand new, those 2019s, beautiful, beautiful vehicles. Come check it out. Come see Ed. Thanks a lot, man. I appreciate your time.
Ed 16:16
Take care, man.
Matt 16:17
All right. You too.
Ed 16:17
Matt 16:18
Thank you.
S3 16:20
Very solid.
Ed 16:21
That was solid, man. Yeah, that was great.
S3 16:22
Yeah, it was beautiful.
S4 16:23
That was crazy.