Fans of Chevy and the Colorado truck lineup will be happy to learn that the American manufacturer is now expanding the Colorado lineup for the coming year. The lineup will include two new midsize trucks. These two additions will be the Colorado RST (Rally Sport Truck) and the Colorado Z71 Trail Runner. Since 2004, the Chevy Colorado has provided consumers with a midsize truck that initially was designed to replace the old Chevy S-10. Now in its second generation of production, the Colorado is now offering more options than ever to consumers.

The Colorado

With the RST model, Chevy is offering numerous upgrades to the exterior of the Colorado. At the same time, the overall performance of the RST remains constant with other model options that have long been part of the Chevrolet Colorado lineup.

In terms of the exterior, the Colorado RST model adds to the LT trim with the text “Chevrolet” worked into the design of the front grille. The exterior of the RST also offers side molding in black as well as tailgate badging with the Chevy bowtie logos. One distinct new feature that Chevy is allowing for in the RST that has not been seen before in Colorado lineup models is 20-inch wheels. These wheels will feature a black finish with low gloss.

The RST is noted for being comparable to similar Tahoe, Silverado, and Suburban models in terms of appearance.

The Colorado Z71 Trail Runner

The RST and the Z71 Trail Runner differ significantly in that the RST is clearly designed for street driving while the Z71 Trail Runner is clearly an off-road truck model. With souped up underbody protection in the form of skid plates constructed from aluminum as well as Duratrac tires, the Z71 Trail Runner can handle rugged off-roading and will be able to handle extreme terrain. Other off road features include the recovery tow hooks, the suspension system, and the automatic lock feature in the rear differential of the vehicle.

Similarities Between the New Models

Numerous similarities can be seen between the two new additions even though they are geared to handle different terrain types. Consumers can choose from either a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive model in either of the vehicle models. Both also come standard with a 200 horsepower engine with a 2.5 liter capacity and four cylinders. Also, the engine offers 191 pound-feet in torque for both models. Both models also come standard with the same automatic transmission with six speeds for the two wheel drive and automatic transmission with eight speeds for the four wheel drive models.

At the same time, Chevy is already prepared for most consumers opting for these new models to choose the stronger engine options with 308 horsepower and a V6 3.6 liter capacity setup. There is another options for both models with a 186 horsepower engine that is also diesel and has four cylinders rather than six.

The V6 engine options for the models will pair with the eight speed automatic transmission, while the diesel engine will pair with an automatic transmission with six speeds. Generally speaking the Z71 Trail Runner is expected to pair more commonly with the Duramax engine since it is more appropriately designed for off-roading purposes than the other engine models offered here.

Pricing Details

Chevy hasn’t yet come out with and released the details explaining the pricing structure of these two new vehicles. However, it is expected that both the Chevrolet Colorado RST and the Colorado Z71 Trail Runner model will be available for test drives at dealerships early next year.

General Changes for the Colorado in 2019

Other Chevy Colorado models and trim options will be updated slightly in some ways for the coming years. Varios trim and technical changes are being made. One example of this is that the Colorado will no longer feature the MyLink system in base models. Instead, the Chevrolet Infotainment System 3 will be used. This system include a 7 inch touchscreen. Other features are Apply CarPlay along with Android Auto. Those who opt for LT models of the Colorado will enjoy a larger screen of 8 inches.

Other helpful additions to the Infotainment system of the Colorado in the coming year include additional USB ports in the rear and an adjustable driver’s seat that offers six-ways adjustment capabilities. This feature is included on LT, ZR1, and ZR2 trims.

Chevy is also adding to the color choices for the Colorado exterior this coming year. Among the new color choices are Shadow Gray Metallic, Crush, and Pacific Blue Metallic.

Those who are interested in purchasing a new Colorado in 2019 should consider the new trim options along with all the original trim options including the base, WT, LT, and ZR2 trims.