Is a Chevrolet Equinox your best bet for an SUV? It’s tough for consumers to analyze the entire class of SUV’s to see which vehicle provides the most reliability, comfort, and style. You can research a plethora of websites and still not have enough insight to make an informed decision. That’s because there are many choices with different variables to consider. Each dealer will cast a great light on their own new vehicles. How do you know for sure that a Chevrolet Equinox is the vehicle that will ultimately meet your individual needs?

Let’s go into some of the details that help separate the Equinox from other similar vehicles.


A Chevrolet always looks incredible. Chevy is known for style and vehicles generally retain value for longer periods of time. That’s because they are built to last long term. The 2018 Equinox is smaller and lighter than previous versions. What does this mean for you as a consumer? Lighter vehicles typically use less fuel on the road and highway. It’s no longer a larger sized SUV. This means you’ll be able to fit into more tight parking spaces. You’ll be able to corner better. You will be able to adjust on the fly without hesitation.

You can get the FWD or AWD version. Arched forward C-pillars make a big difference in the way an Equinox looks. The great news is most consumers love the exterior styling and the slightly smaller approach. It now belongs in the compact SUV category. The 2019 version sees only a few revisions but it’s still a work of art in the SUV category. You can pick out a plethora of color options including the daring Orange Metallic version. You can bet the Chevy Equinox will be the envy of all your neighbors and friends. It has the style many other SUV’s simply lack. It’s also slightly more affordable and fits neatly into your garage.

Fuel Economy

How does the Equinox separate itself from the competition? Some versions of the 2019 Equinox can get an amazing 28 mpg in the city and 39 on the highway. The Equinox is built to provide room for multiple passengers but still get the fuel economy of a compact vehicle. The four cylinder you can opt for is a long term choice that helps you save tons of dollars in the SUV category. Engines that are available are 1.5 turbo, the 2.0 liter turbo and the 1.6 liter turbo diesel. The fuel efficient diesel performs well on the road and highway. Perhaps you need to have an SUV with multiple capabilities. You can also still tow up to 3500 pounds with the diesel version. There is also a newly available adaptive cruise control. This feature also helps save you in the long term on fuel economy.


What about space? Is there room for passengers, luggage, and other items? The Chevy Equinox is smaller but still boasts a decent amount of storage space. The vehicle still holds 5 passengers very well. When the rear seats are folded down, you can expect 63.5 cubic feet of cargo space.

That isn’t bad but certainly not a leader in the class. There are still 39.9 inches of rear seat leg room. That means your passengers aren’t going to be super cramped on a road trip even if they are adults and very tall. The Chevy Equinox may look a bit smaller at first. What you get is a compact SUV that gets great gas mileage and still allows you to travel in style.


What about the technical features? How is this SUV up to date with the modern world? The Chevrolet Equinox provides owners with the opportunity to experience the higher end of technology. The vehicle sports the features the aspects you truly need in this era. Do you really need 6 USB ports? You might thrive on the ability to house many devices on a road trip. Heated front seats, dual climate control, and more bells and whistles put this car at the forefront of technology. You would expect the best from Chevrolet in every model. They certainly deliver with the technological advances in this edition of the Equinox. Remote start and keyless entry are also offered with the Equinox. Heated seats also provide comfort during cold winter months. The vehicle also sports lane keep assist which nudges the vehicle back in the right direction if you are drifting a bit. 2019 also offers an Infotainment 3 screen interface. Owners and passengers will be content to know their needs are satisfied during any short or long trip.

Overall, the Chevy Equinox best in class, style and comfort. It’s no longer a larger member of the SUV class. It’s compact with the luxury of a larger SUV.