There are a lot of big fans of Chevrolet vehicles, in fact, this brand is well known for having an enthusiastic and hardcore fanbase! As more people experience the Chevy brand for themselves, the number of fans will continue to increase. Chevy fans truly believe in the product and believe it is the best on earth. For decades, this brand has continued to attract many fans that remain loyal to the product.

The C7

The C7 has stunning power, exquisite handling, a high level of comfort, and a large spacious trunk making it a top choice for luxury sports cars. Whether you’re looking for a coupe or convertible, the ability to customize your engine, a reliable vehicle, and something that will continually surprise you, then you are looking for the C7.
The Corvette is a two-seater, but it’s a comfortable one. Visibility is great from the driver’s seat and the comfort is such that it is sustainable all day. The cabin is well built. Keep in mind that this is a luxury vehicle and the interior reflects that.

A nine-speaker Bose system comes standard along with Bluetooth, satellite radio, an 8-inch touchscreen, MyLink infotainment center, and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The trunk has more capacity than just about any other luxury sports vehicle with a 15 cubic foot trunk. If you opt for the convertible, you’ll discover the vehicle is equipped with a lovely soft top and the coupes have a removable roof panel that can be easily stored in the cargo area.

The C7 Corvette scores higher than average on reliability and comes with a rearview camera and front curb view camera to enhance safety. The car also comes with your standard 3 year/36,000 mile warranty and 5 year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty.

There are several trim levels to choose from when it comes to the Corvette. The Stingray is a good starting point with a base price option of $55,495 for the coupe. If you want to add a little more pizzazz there is also a performance package available. A popular option remains the Z06. With a 650-horsepower V8 mated seven-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic transmission, you are sure to enjoy the power this vehicle provides.

Special Incentive

As a result of an overproduction of the C7 Corvette, many Chevy lots are facing a surplus of the vehicle on their lots. As a result, Chevy is now offering a very special incentive to people who already own a Corvette to buy another, namely the C7. This is an incredible opportunity.
The incentive comes in the form of $3,000 off the Corvette C7. You can take advantage of this special offer as long as you are an owner of any previous Corvette. Merely provide proof that you own a Corvette and you’re good to go! You could be the owner of any car of any version of the Corvette from the C1 until the C5 or the C6. This is not a trade-in scenario, but a straight-up incentive offer to purchase a new C7. To really sweeten the deal, this offer is also available on the Z06. This marks a departure of sorts as the company rarely extends the offer this far. It doesn’t seem to extend to the ZR1, however, so no luck there if that’s what you were holding out to get.

For the month of April, there is also some special lease offers you can take advantage of. For a Corvette LT, you can secure the price of $599 a month + tax for 39 months with $5,789 down and a $10,000 yearly limit. That feels like the steep price of $714 a month, but if you add in the loyalty discount it does bring the price down to $671. It’s going to depend on your own circumstances whether buying or leasing a vehicle is right for you in this case. Definitely investigate it!

It’s possible that Chevy might even come up with more offers to incentivize the purchase of the C7 in coming months. They don’t want the dealerships to feel like they have too many cars on the lot and they absolutely want to ensure continued brand loyalty. So definitely keep an eye out for what might else be coming down the pipeline to make this purchase or lease or an affordable option for yourself.

This is an amazing opportunity to save some cash on the C7. Definitely, think it over, consider your options, and contact us at Simi Valley Chevrolet if you’d like to discuss this in more detail. We are here to help you! And we’d love to hear your Corvette stories. Be sure to tag us on social media and share the story of your Corvette.