The end of an era was a little less bittersweet thanks to the auction of the final North American Chevy Cruze to raise money for United Way.

The final Chevy Cruze produced at the Lordstown factory back in March was originally purchased by Ed Muransky, former professional football player and businessman in the area. Muranksy decided to offer the Cruze as a prize for a charity auction on behalf of United Way.

“We’re going to turn a tough situation, that hopefully is not the end, into a celebration of our future and a celebration of raising money to bridge our future with our children,” Muranksy told WKBN.

$35,000 Raised for United Way

Muransky listed the car for auction online, with the auction ending at United Way’s Centennial Gala on May 10. The winning bidder for the Cruze was none other than Mary Pipino, Muransky’s sister-in-law. Pipino bid $35,000 for the car and said she plans to find more ways for the car to benefit the community.

“We’re gonna figure out a way, how this car is gonna be able to be used to give back to the community, you know, with the kids and United Way. We want to make it something where, you know, it’s meaningful and we can give back,” Pipino told WKBN.

The $35,000 raised by the auction will go to supporting local community efforts of United Way. The Chevy Cruze line saw production halted in the United States and Mexico this year, though it will continue to be sold in other nations.

Though the Cruze has set sail, Simi Valley Chevrolet still offers many great cars, trucks and SUVs for sale today!