The 2020 Chevy Silverado will sport some new tailgate tech: GMC’s smash-hit MultiPro looks like it is coming to their sister company’s lineup.


Spotting the Silverado’s Secret Tailgate


Tailgate tech is about to take a leap at Chevrolet. A new report from GM Authority all but confirms that the upcoming 2020 Silverado HD is going to get a new tailgate. The car site’s investigators spotted a prototype being tested recently and were able to sneak an up-close peak. They saw signs and shapes that are all-too-similar to that of the MultiPro tailgate. So far only available on GMC vehicles, it looks like Chevy will be getting their own version soon enough. 


2020 Chevy Silverado HD - Tailgate Tech Incoming

2020 Chevy Silverado HD – Tailgate Tech Incoming

Taking a Closer Look


At the end of April, GM Authority’s sneaky snoopers caught images of the upcoming Silverado that pointed towards the MultiPro being passed down. However, the car site wasn’t content with just far-away frames, and managed to sneak some closer captures at the start of May. The new images show a tailgate that is strikingly similar to GMC’s MultiPro, so GM Authority was confident enough to break the news of MultiPros migration to Chevy. 

Seeing as the tailgate was spotted on what appears to be the 2020 Silverado HD prototype, it seems a sure bet that the heavy-duty truck will be getting the upgrade. GM Authority expressed confidence that the HD’s little brother, the light-duty Silverado 1500, will also receive the new tailgate. 

The matter of when customers will be able to buy a new MultiPro-equipped Silverado is still up in the air. GM Authority believed the Silverado 1500 will get the tailgate in the 2020 model, coming later this year. The Silverado HD’s version will likely come later, with the car site saying a 2020 interim launch or 2021 model are most likely. 

Of course, the MultiPro name will likely be swapped out for something more Chevy-centric when it makes a debut on the Silverado. GMC named the tailgate in such a way to connect to the brand’s new tagline, “Like a Pro,” so Chevy will want to move away from that mantra. 


Taking on Transforming Tailgates 


It isn’t a surprise that Chevy would want to adopt their sister company’s innovative new tailgate. The transforming MultiPro has been a big hit at the brand since launching in the 2019 model year. 

Chevy’s version of the multi-part tailgate will certainly feature the existing two-tailgates-in-one-body design. It starts with a traditional primary tailgate, no different than the one on most trucks today. However, within a cutout of that primary tailgate lies the secondary, smaller inner gate. Depending on what order you raise or lower the two gates, six major configurations are available. 

Fancy new technology is great, but sometimes the basics work just fine. The primary tailgate can be opened by pressing a release button on the tailgate itself, as well as a button on the instrument panel. It can even be dropped down by the press of a button on the remote key fob. The new tailgate lowers and opens exactly like a traditional tailgate, staying faithful to classic design. 

2020 Chevy Silverado HD - Tough Towing

2020 Chevy Silverado HD – Tough Towing

Things get more interesting when you start playing with the secondary gate. The interior side of the inner gate can be folded out to create a cargo-catching loadstop. You won’t have to worry about longer, larger payloads falling out when the primary tailgate is down. 

Another problem-solving use for the inner gate is getting easier access to the truck bed. While the primary gate is down, the secondary can be dropped as well, giving you access to a cut-out of the total tailgate. With seven to nine inches of gate no longer blocking your path, you can get closer to your cargo than with traditional tailgates. 

Of course, sometimes you just have to get up in your truck bed. This innovative new tailgate makes doing so easier than ever. When both tailgates are deployed down, the inner portion of the secondary gate can fold out to create a step. With a weight limit of 375 pounds and a width of 48 inches, you may even be able to have a friend climb up and lend a hand at the same time. 

With two tiers for storage in the truck bed, two loadstops are needed, and the new tailgate will provide just that. When the inner gate is lowered, the interior lining can be folded upwards to create a second-tier loadstop. 

Wrapping up the configurations is the ability to use the secondary tailgate as a convenient work surface. The primary tailgate can still be used as such, just like any other tailgate, but sometimes bending over can be hard on the back. Folding out the inner tailgate allows for higher, though smaller, surface to ply your trade upon. 


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