With so many car companies to choose from, why are cars from Chevy great for teen drivers? The answer is an expansive suite of teen driver technology you can pick up today at Simi Valley Chevrolet


Teen Driver Technology 


Buying your teen’s first car is a nerve wracking experience for all involved. Your worried about your child’s safety. You’re worried about how well your child will drive. You’re worried about a lot of things. Let Chevy help ease your anxiety. Our collection of custom-created driving assistance tools designed specifically for young/first-time drivers makes things easier and safer for both you and your child.


How It Works


The Teen Driver Technology is an optional available system built in to a new Chevy of your choice. With it, you can help your child learn to drive and set limits on what they can do to keep them safe. You just have to set up the system by entering a PIN through the Chevrolet MyLink display and connect your child’s key. When that key goes into the ignition, the Teen Drive technologies will automatically activate, such as: 


  • Limit how loud the speakers can get so your party-prone kiddos don’t blow out an eardrum. 
  • Put an end to excessive speeding with parent-picked speed limits. 
  • Get a glimpse of how your boy or girl is driving with the only report card system in the industry. 
  • All of this and more comes standard with Chevys equipped with the Teen Driver Technology package.


Buckle to Drive


The Buckle to Drive system stops your child from pulling out without buckling up first. Attempting to shift away from park without the seatbelt buckled will trigger audio and visual alerts. It will also prevent shifting for 20 seconds to give them time to put their protection in place. 


Speed Warning 


If there’s one thing new drivers do all too often, it is speeding. Sure, sometimes it is intentional, but part of learning to drive is learning to sense your speed. The Speed Warning system can help with that by triggering audio and visual warnings if your child exceeds a speed of your choice. 


Speed Limiter


If your kiddo keeps cranking up the speedometer, you can put a stop to it entirely. Activating this feature prevents the car from going above 85 miles per hour. 


Audio Limit


We all remember blasting our radios, headphones and other audio equipment when we were young. Some of us have the tinnitus to prove it. Reign in that ringing danger by setting a customizable limit on how high the volume will go. Your child’s ears will thank you for it later. 


Seat Belt Audio Mute 


Putting on a seat belt isn’t just safe, it is the law. Making sure your child buckles up won’t just save their life, it can save them a hefty fine. If the Buckle to Drive system doesn’t force them to put on their seatbelt, the Seat Belt Audio Mute system will keep the stereo silenced until they and their front passenger do so. 


Report Card

Our Tech Makes Chevy Great for Teen Drivers - Report Card

Our Tech Makes Chevy Great for Teen Drivers – Report Card


While you get to see your child’s scores at school, no one is there to grade their time behind the wheel. Chevy’s changing that with the industry-first Report Card system. With it, you can check up on your child’s driving the next time you hop in. You’ll get stats on: 


  • Distance driven
  • Maximum speed
  • Overspeed warnings
  • Wide open throttle events
  • Forward collision alerts
  • Forward automatic braking events
  • Stability control activations
  • Traction control activations
  • and more! 


Automatic Safety System Activation


No matter how good of a drive your child may be, we all need help from time to time. The Teen Driver system can automatically turn on a range of active safety features your Chevy may have, such as: 

  • Stability Control
  • Front/ Rear Park Assist
  • Side Blind Zone Alert
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Daytime Running Lamps
  • Forward Collision Avoidance Braking
  • Traction Control
  • Front Pedestrian Braking
  • Lane Keep Assist


When you’re shopping for your teen’s first car, or if you’re letting them use your own new ride, choose one that has systems in place to protect them. Choose a Chevy. Browse our inventory of Teen Driving Technology-ready automobiles at Simi Valley Chevrolet today


Source: Chevrolet