Simi Valley, CA is a charming city that is located within the boundaries of Ventura County in
California. Adjacent to the cities of Thousand Oaks and Moorpark, Simi Valley is a part
of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Ranked as the seventh-safest and the fifth-happiest city in the entire United States, Simi
Valley is known as a great place to live. Simi Valley has a strong, flourishing economy
and is home to a wealth of growing businesses that have settled and are thriving in the
valley. One of these growing businesses is emerging car dealership Simi Valley Chevrolet.

About Simi Valley Chevrolet

Simi Valley Chevrolet is a top-rated, official Chevrolet car dealership located in Simi
Valley, California and serving valued customers throughout a wide service area that
spans all of the Greater Los Angeles Area—including Moorpark, Thousand Oaks,
Westlake Village, and beyond.

2020 Chevrolet Equinox - Simi Valley CA

2020 Chevrolet Equinox

Many things set Simi Valley Chevrolet apart from competing car dealerships in the area.
Simi Valley-based dealership is customer service-oriented above all else. Their
team prioritizes customer service over everything and are dedicated to ensuring that
every customer who steps foot on their dealership lot has a positive experience. Simi
Valley Chevrolet understands that the process of buying a car can be very
overwhelming. They strive to ease the stress of the process as much as possible by
taking the guesswork and friction out of choosing and financing a car for their


Simi Valley Chevrolet prides themselves on offering the widest, highest-quality selection
of new and used Chevrolet vehicles in the area. Chevrolet is a very diverse automaker
that produces a varied range of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Simi Valley Chevrolet offers
expansive selections of new, used, and pre-owned Chevrolet models. All of the cars
that are sold at this dealership are in excellent condition and meet rigorous standards of
quality before they are advertised for sale. Any driver can find a Chevrolet model that’s
right for them within the diverse range of models available at Simi Valley Chevrolet.

Full-Service Facility

Simi Valley Chevrolet is a full-service facility that services Chevrolet vehicles in addition
to selling them. This car dealership’s service center is staffed by a team of skilled
technicians specially trained to perform scheduled maintenance services,
repairs, and part replacements on any and all Chevrolet models.

All of these technicians are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Certified, which
means that they only use genuine parts and factory-approved techniques and
equipment to service Chevrolet cars. When you take your Chevrolet to Simi Valley
Chevrolet Auto Service Center, you don’t have to worry about driving it home with
third-party part replacements that aren’t factory approved. You can relax
knowing that your car is in the most capable hands and will be returned to you in as
close to like-new condition as possible.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used Chevrolet car or already own a
Chevrolet car that you need to take in for service, give Simi Valley Chevrolet a call
today to get all of your Chevrolet-related needs taken care of the right way, right away.