The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm over the past few months. When cases of COVID-19 began to ramp up across the globe, governments worldwide began to take measures to help slow the spread of the virus in order to avoid overwhelming the critical care capacities of global healthcare systems. 

Across the United States, these measures included issuing stay-at-home orders that instruct citizens to stay at home as much as possible and ordering the temporary closures of millions of businesses that were deemed “non-essential” during this time of crisis. 

As a result of the spread of the coronavirus and the efforts that have been taken to help slow its spread and keep people across the world as safe as possible, the world is currently a very different place than it was at the start of 2020. Everything from shopping for groceries to having coffee with a friend has to be done differently, which has led to amazing adaptations on the part of people and businesses worldwide. 

In order to stay afloat and retain their customers, many businesses that have been allowed to stay open in some capacity under the widespread stay-at-home orders have had to adapt to meet new standards for safety and sanitation in a post-virus world. 

One way that major automaker Chevrolet has adapted is by launching Shop. Click. Drive.—an innovative new service that allows customers to complete the entire car-buying process from any mobile device without leaving the comfort of their own home. 

What is Shop, Click, Drive? 

Shop. Click. Drive is a brand-new program that is designed to streamline the process of buying or leasing a new or used Chevrolet car. Designed by Chevrolet, this ultra-innovative service makes it safer and more convenient to buy a car during the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

This ultra-convenient car-buying service involves three steps, all of which can be completed online directly from any computer or compatible mobile device. First, you can select the vehicle you want to buy from your local dealership’s online inventory. Then, you are able to estimate the trade-in value of your current vehicle and select your preferred financing or leasing options for your new car. 

Finally, close out your sale from your device and schedule a home delivery*. A Chevrolet team member will bring your brand-new car to your driveway on your scheduled delivery date. With Shop. Click. Drive., that’s all there is to it; it really is just that easy. 

*Home delivery is only available at participating Chevrolet dealership locations. Not every Chevrolet dealership offers home delivery via Shop. Click. Drive. You may need to schedule a pickup of your new vehicle at your local Chevrolet dealership’s showroom. 

Is It Safe? 

Buying a car in the way most drivers are used to buying a car is virtually impossible while social distancing measures and stay at home orders are still in place. In fact, throughout March and early April when stay-at-home orders were first implemented in most states across the U.S., many people remained unsure of whether or not buying a car at all was safe amidst COVID-19. 

While auto services were immediately deemed as essential businesses under nationwide stay-at-home orders, auto sales were originally not categorized as essential. It wasn’t until mid-April that the Department of Homeland Security revised to include the sales branches of car dealerships as essential businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic under the measures in place to slow the spread of the virus. 

For a while at the start of the stay-at-home orders, drivers were discouraged from buying a new car unless absolutely necessary due to safety concerns regarding the traditional in-person process of buying a car at a car dealership. 

However, Shop. Click. Drive. eliminates the safety concerns of buying a new car. It is a contactless service that does not require drivers to push the boundaries of social distancing guidelines or even leave their homes at all. Using this feature offers you a new, innovative way to buy a car without leaving the safety of your home or putting yourself or others at risk of COVID-19. 

Also, all Chevrolet team members wear gloves and masks at all times while on the job and have been trained in proper sanitation procedures. They are extra cautious while inside your vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of Shop. Click. Drive.’s home delivery option. 

All participating car dealerships that offer car pickup at a showroom location uphold all social distancing guidelines and recommended sanitation procedures to keep customers safe during pickup. Measures that these Chevrolet dealerships take to keep their customers safe include cleaning and disinfecting the dealership facility more deeply and frequently, requiring masks for all employees and customers upon entrance to the dealership facility, ensuring that all customers and team members maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between each other at any given time, and more. 

During these uncertain times, Shop. Click. Drive. is one thing you can trust. Shop. Click. Drive. is designed to get you driving your dream car with just a few simple, contactless steps. 

Its user-friendly and innovative design combined with the top-notch customer service of Chevrolet team members makes Shop. Click. Drive. an easy and convenient way to buy a new car through the novel coronavirus pandemic and beyond.