The Chevrolet Traverse is a mid-size crossover SUV that excels in many areas, including reliability, drive performance, fuel efficiency, interior quality, and more. It seats up to eight people at a time and is renowned as an excellent family-oriented vehicle. 

If you’re in the market for your next vehicle, here are 5 reasons why a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse might be the right choice for you. 

  1. Upgraded Engine 

One of the most notable updated features for the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse is an upgraded engine. 

This new V6 engine option is more powerful than the four-cylinder engine that was the base engine for Traverse models from previous model years. It delivers 310 horsepower on the road and is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission that ensures a smooth and steady ride for both drivers and passengers. 

  1. Excellent Fuel Efficiency 

Among other mid-size crossover models within its vehicle class, the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse performs very well in terms of fuel efficiency. The exact efficiency of the 2020 Traverse depends on whether this mid-size crossover SUV is in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. 

When in front-wheel drive, the 2020 Traverse reaches up to 18 MPG on city streets and up to 27 MPG on the highway. When in all-wheel drive, this SUV gets approximately 17 MPG in the city and up to 25 MPG on the highway. 

  1. Spacious Cabin 

The cabin of the 2020 Chevy Traverse is best-in-class in terms of spaciousness. This mid-size crossover SUV fits 7 to 8 passengers, depending on whether you choose captain’s chairs or a row of seats for the second row of your 2020 Traverse. Every passenger in the 2020 Traverse is granted plenty of leg and headroom so that no one feels cramped—even if every seat is filled.

chevy traverse spacious cabin

chevy traverse spacious cabin

In terms of cargo capacity, the 2020 Traverse also excels. When all three rows of its seats are fully engaged, the 2020 Traverse still offers more than 23 cubic feet of storage space. When the second and third rows of seats are folded down, Chevy’s 2020 Traverse provides almost 100 cubic feet of storage space. 

  1. Available Teen Driver Mode 

If you’re a parent of a teen driver—or soon-to-be teen driver—chances are good that you’re more than a little worried about your teen’s safety while they are on the road by themselves. 

The Teen Driver Mode that is available for the 2020 Traverse provides parents with peace of mind and can even be comforting for teens who are nervous themselves about getting on the road on their own for the first time. 

When Teen Driver Mode is engaged in the 2020 Traverse, the driver will be unable to deactivate key safety features. This mode also keeps the SUV at a complete stop and mutes the audio in the cabin until the driver buckles their seatbelt. At the end of each drive, an in-vehicle report card is automatically produced so parents can see first-hand how their teen driver is performing on the road. 

Teen Driver Mode is a special safety feature that is built into the 2020 Traverse alongside a host of other advanced safety features. Some of the most notable of these advanced safety features include forward collision alert, automatic emergency braking, front pedestrian braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, following distance indicator, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam assist, and more. 

  1. Optional Surround Vision 

Another notable feature that is present in the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse is Surround Vision. Surround Vision is an available add-on safety feature that provides drivers with a virtual 360-degree view of their surroundings. 

This incredibly high-tech feature is extremely helpful for drivers when they are trying to maneuver around tight or crowded spaces. With Surround Vision in your 2020 Chevy Traverse, you can fit into tight parking spots without worrying about scraping the paint of either of the vehicles next to you. Surround Vision will let you know if your vehicle is getting too close to any barrier that exists in its immediate surroundings—be it another car, trash can, or pedestrian.