Introducing the First Ever all Electric Silverado EV

The First Ever All-Electric Chevrolet EV Silverado is the perfect vehicle for everyday adventures. Combining futuristic design with modern technology, this truck is unlike anything else on the road today. Meet your future ride — the Silverado EV.

The 2019 Silverado EV is a powerful pickup truck with a whopping 310 horsepower and torque of 550 lb-ft that offers average fuel efficiency of 38mpg in all-electric mode, making it easier than ever to dodge gas pumps and fill up on electrons instead. This wagon-like SUV was designed to fit into any scene, from urban hipster havens to serene wilderness settings, where you can load up your gear with ease while saving the planet simultaneously (bonus!).

The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV is a hard-working pickup truck with a lot of power and torque to help you get the job done. The Silverado has been redesigned to fit your aesthetic — whether you’re a city driver or one who traverses mountains, valleys, and deserts. This pickup truck can handle whatever you need it to do — carry cargo, tow trailers, or collect firewood — just like any other Silverado before it. It also comes with an in-truck Wi-Fi hotspot that lets you stay connected while on the road (up to 50MB/s). Drivers can use this hotspot to watch videos and easily download music while on the run. Unlike the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV, this model can be upgraded with aftermarket accessories such as an extended cab and heavy-duty suspension to improve comfort, performance, and cargo capacity.

The 2019 Silverado EV goes on sale in June of 2026. Early lease buyers can pick up their electric pickup truck in January of 2026 with a $1,999 deposit or lease, but be warned; demand may be high due to limited supply (up to 22 units). The 2019 Silverado EV will be available in four colors: white pearl, silver metallic, black chrome coupé, black chrome wheels, and brownstone copper (a limited-release color). Chevrolet Silverado EV 2022 will also be available in four colors: black, bronze pearl, white pearl, and silver metallic for both front and rear fascias. Pricing starts at $54,999 for the base model.

Chevrolet Silverado EV interior is comfortable for long road trips and can fit up to seven passengers. In addition, it has a compartment in the rear cargo area that can be used for long trips. The 2019 EV Chevrolet Silverado comes standard with a six-speed automatic transmission and displays a five-inch color touch screen that lets drivers interface with the navigation system (all models), the infotainment (all models), and climate control (all models). The new model also has innovative regenerative braking technology to make driving more efficient while reducing CO2 emissions. It is expected that other enhanced technology will be added to this pickup truck in the future as well.

The Chevrolet Silverado EV range is 600 miles on a single charge. It takes about four hours to charge this vehicle from empty to full. Check out the Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup map or get inspired by the top five charging stations in North America. While Chevrolet Silverado EV specs are impressive, this electric pickup truck can be a victim of theft and vandalism. To protect against this, drivers should invest in a few critical items, including a locking cargo box (only available on the AWD models) and an electronic security system with a panic button.

Chevrolet Silverado EV towing capacity is better than previous models. With a payload capacity of up to 1,500 pounds and a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds (6,500 pounds on AWD models), the 2019 Silverado EV is ideal for picking up large items or hauling heavy equipment. It also has an increased ground clearance that allows it to be driven in some off-road conditions and drive over rugged terrain.

Chevrolet Silverado EV reservation can be made in the dealership, and the price will increase weekly. You need to register interest online at or call 1-800-211-8337. You can also reserve Chevrolet Silverado EV at the dealership you want to buy it from. Sales will start in June of 2026 and go on sale in January of 2027. Prices start at $29,999 for a base model, with other versions available for purchase.

Chevrolet Silverado EV capabilities include two passengers and up to seven passengers if you’re looking for a more extensive cargo area.

The Chevrolet Silverado range is 600 miles on a single charge. It takes four hours to fully charge this vehicle from empty to complete, using a 240-volt electrical outlet.

Chevrolet Silverado EV 2023 specs are impressive, but this electric pickup truck can be a victim of theft and vandalism.

This pickup truck is a good choice with the Silverado EV exterior and interior. The Silverado EV is considered a significant shift in the automotive industry, providing drivers with an exceptional driving experience.

The design takes cues from some of Chevy’s iconic vehicles, with elegant styling and advanced technology. The Chevy Silverado EV has a futuristic design that combines modern design with high-tech components to improve the driving experience.