What exactly made the Chevrolet Volt a famous car from General Motors? You have a couple of reasons that this car became famous, but to put it bluntly, General Motors brought this car to the market at a time when everyone wanted a way out from under the expensive gas prices. Back in 2010 when gas prices were on the rise daily, people wanted alternatives, and they found the alternative in the Volt.

What Made This Car Different?

One of the reasons that electric vehicles and hybrids didn’t take off at the time was because of how electric vehicles had a horrible short range on top of the excessive cost. Meanwhile, hybrids didn’t give you enough electric power to make them worth the trouble. When the Chevy Volt came in, it changed everything because it created a vehicle where people could save money on the cost of gasoline. Volt had a performance that left the Prius in its dust, and the only close competitor that the Volt had was Tesla.

The Volt could be considered one of the most electric cars out of all the plug-in hybrids because you get much electric off these cars. In fact, the latest Volt could do up to 53 miles on the electricity. If you have a shorter commute to work, this means that you probably can go off the electric alone.

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking can make a huge difference and help you get much better mileage. Have you ever noticed how some hybrids get more mileage off city driving than what they do with highway driving? This isn’t normal, and it may leave your eyebrows raised. However, the reason for this is that as your car brakes, it helps generate more electricity, and this means that your car gets more mileage.

The Second Generation Volt

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt is the second-generation Volt that they first started back in 2016. However, they have made plenty of new upgrades to the latest model that have made it into an even better car. For example, you get a more powerful charger than ever before, and as stated, you can go 53 miles on the EPA. With many of the past electric vehicles, they had poor range, and hybrids weren’t even spoken of because of how little electric you got out of a hybrid. The numbers have finally started to add up to a better economy. With this car, you have far less reliance on the engine of the vehicle.

Pushing the Boundaries

One of the reasons that the Volt became a famous vehicle is because they have continually pushed the boundaries and made a better and better vehicle. The advantage of buying one of these cars is that you can also take advantage of the tax credits. When it comes to green cars, the Volt offers you a highly superior piece of technology that comes fully loaded.

What Made the Volt Excel?

The infotainment system and the technology offer you a far superior vehicle to what you might get, otherwise. The Android Auto and Apple CarPlay give you superb technology that far excels some of its competitors like the Prius. In fact, for some reason that will never be known, the Chevrolet Volt never sold as well as what the other cars in its segment sold despite being a perfect offering. Most people just want a car where they can get the job done. This is a thoughtful undertaking of that.

Why It Possibly Sold Less

One of the reasons that the Volt had top-notch quality but sold less could come down to the fact that you have to plug it in. It’s a hybrid. Sure, you can get better gas mileage off of it over its competitors, but if you forget to plug it in, your gas mileage will be the same as the other cars. Granted, it won’t be any worse, but you won’t have a better car either, which is what’s sad about it. You have to have the discipline to plug it in for 13 hours of charging, and this can take its toll. However, there’s no denying that this is one of the better cars on the market, and this is the reason that it is a famous car.

With this car, you receive superior driving dynamics, and you have a much better electric range than some of the other cars. When the battery gets low, you can switch over to the gas powered to get more mileage out of the vehicle. The first-generation model had a robot styling to it, but the second-generation models use a more conventional style. In addition, the interior feels less polarizing, and you have a comfortable feel from the moment you hop inside the car.