Matt 00:03
All right, everybody. Welcome back. It’s another episode of the Simi Valley Chevrolet podcast. I’m going to be your host for today. It’s once again Matt with Think Creative. And I’m underneath the service bay once again. Because it was something different, and this is the best way to get ahold of anybody that works here. I’m going to be honest with you guys. Today, I got my guy Derek. Derek Wasco. What is your job title here?
Derek 00:28
I work in the 15-A department, which deals with electrical, interior trim, and exterior trim.
Matt 00:34
Okay, okay. How long you been here?
Derek 00:35
Three and a half years.
Matt 00:36
Perfect. So you say you deal with electrical. So this means if I have any issues with something like, I don’t know, my infotainment center, the screen going off or something like that, that’s where you come in?
Derek 00:47
Yes, sir.
Matt 00:48
So what will you be doing, actually, if that was the case?
Derek 00:54
There’s a bunch of different situations that would happen. We would look up bulletins for that certain year, that certain make and model. Sometimes it could be an internal issue with the actual screen. It could be an internal issue with the wiring. It’s all different. There could be updates for the radio. Could be the HMI, if you have an HMI for vehicles that year. So there’s a whole bunch of different fields of area that it can be.
Matt 01:18
Now because these problems are electrical, that obviously means that it might affect other aspects of my car. Is that right?
Derek 01:26
Very true. It could, depending on exactly what the product is. But in most situations nowadays with the vehicles being very electrical, it couldn’t.
Matt 01:36
Yeah. No, that makes sense, man. So I didn’t really think it was that big of a issue. So listeners out there, if you’re like me, I mean, I tend to kind of just neglect a lot of little things on my car. And I notice I pay for that in the end. So I mean, do you recommend as soon as something like that happens where it’s something simple as my screen maybe just going all black, you think that’s enough reason to come check it out?
Derek 02:03
Oh, yeah. There can be multiple different reasons for your screen to go black.
Matt 02:07
Now I had a car before, man. And what ended up happening is the car actually wouldn’t even start any longer. And I guess they told me I had an electrical harness issue. Does that sound right?
Derek 02:18
Yeah. So if there’s a problem with the harness, it could be cut. There could be water in the harness. Any different situation like that.
Matt 02:27
And that’s where it could all get deep into my pockets, huh?
Derek 02:30
Yep. Oh, yeah. Very expensive.
Matt 02:32
So how long did it take– I guess, does it take anything extra in order to be specializing in the electrical part of it?
Derek 02:45
Just training. There’s a lot of online training that GM wants you to be under with their certifications. But it just takes time to process and knowing what you’re doing. And electrical is definitely the harder side of things because electrical is electrical.
Matt 03:02
Yeah, man. Yeah. That sounds heavy. I actually, to be honest with you, I didn’t even know there was specialized people here underneath this dock that would be working on it. I thought everybody kind of did the same thing. But that’s not the case.
Derek 03:18
No. Everyone has their own specialties. We have from our lube techs that do all the lube work from us, the 15-A guys that do the electrical. And you have the brake guys. You have the heavy line that do engines. And you have a transmission guy. And you have the drivability guy that does your check engine lights and all different situations like that.
Matt 03:36
For sure. Okay. So that means, guys, if you’re listening out there, don’t be like me. Any little thing does matter. And so also if you notice little issues like that on your vehicle, then you, Derek, wouldn’t suggest that I just go to my friend that lives a couple houses down from me. And I buy the guy a six-pack because he’s a mechanic, and he just fixes it. That’s just not going to work, right?
Derek 03:59
Nope. Because if you have a Chevy vehicle or a GM vehicle at all, and you bring it in here to us, we know what we’re doing. We’re certified for it, so we know the problems.
Matt 04:08
And I guess that’s what’s most important. It’s kind of like if your car is sick, in a way. You kind of actually want to take it to a doctor that specializes in what’s causing that pain or what’s causing whatever part of that body is not working. I mean, is that fair to say? Or am I off-topic with that?
Derek 04:27
No. You’re exactly on-point. Because what we’re doing now, it’s almost like a surgeon where you’re digging into the car and–
Matt 04:33
Holy, crap. You talk about surgery in this. Man. Okay. It could be that serious. I don’t know if you’ve taken a look at my car yet, man, but it’s on the list. So I know you’re going to be checking it out today. I’m glad that you’re going to be the guy working on it because, obviously, with three and a half years, being certified by GM, you know exactly what’s going to be going on with my vehicle. I’m a little nervous, man. I’m a little nervous. I’m going to be honest with you.
Derek 05:00
Oh, you’re okay. We’ll take great care of your vehicle.
Matt 05:04
All right, bro. I’m sure you will. How was the holidays, by the way, man? Everything good?
Derek 05:07
Oh, they’re going great. Love it.
Matt 05:09
Perfect. You excited about the new year?
Derek 05:12
Yep. Just another year to put in the books.
Matt 05:15
Hey, man. I was going to ask real quick before I let you go. You mentioned that you had to go through a ton of hours with getting certified by GM and everything like that. Do you also have to renew that every year or what?
Derek 05:27
GM, they always update their stuff on their online training. But for the ASC side of things, you do have to renew that every once in a while. But for the stuff that we’re doing, it will be up-to-date. And anything new they put out, you’ll know about it.
Matt 05:43
Okay. Beautiful. So everybody out there, I hope you learned a lot. I actually did learn a lot from Derek, man, and I’m glad he’s going to be working on my vehicle. And it’s coming up next, so do what you got to do, bro. I appreciate your time here.
Derek 05:59
Awesome. Thank you.
Matt 06:00
No worries, man. And just be gentle with her, man. She’s fragile. You know what I mean?
Derek 06:05
Oh, we will. We’ll take great care of it.
Matt 06:07
All right, bro. I appreciate the time. Listeners, I appreciate you guys for listening. Remember, if you have any issue with your vehicle, it could be electrical. That’s when you got to come down here, Simi Valley Chevrolet. Ask for Derek, man. He’s the guy. I’m telling you. Trust me. Derek is the guy. Derek, I appreciate you, man. Thank you.
Derek 06:25
No problem. Thank you. Take care.
Matt 06:27
Be safe.