Amy: 00:00
Hi, it’s Amy from Think Creative. I’m here today with Collin at Simi Valley Chevrolet. Hi, Collin.
Collin: 00:05
Hi, Amy. How are you?
Amy: 00:07
I’m great. So Collin is a product specialist here. And it’s truck month in case you didn’t know. And we wanted to talk a little bit about Chevy’s trucks because Chevy has a reputation for being one of the best truck manufacturers in the country. So, Collin, tell me what sets Chevy trucks apart?
Collin: 00:25
Well, Chevy does have the longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road. That is true. The value you get when you buy a Chevy is apparent right in the product. People are happy with it. And it’s a name that’s been around for a long time. So we’ve got heritage behind it as well.
Amy: 00:45
Love that. Proof is in the product. I mean, what else can you ask for? So out of all the trucks in the lineup, which one is your top seller?
Collin: 00:52
By far the Silverado is our top seller. Yeah. It’s a great selling truck. In the United States, it’s one of the best selling trucks as well. We’re excited about some of the stuff that’s coming up with that truck as well too.
Amy: 01:06
Okay. Well, tell me about that. What’s coming up for the Silverado?

Collin: 01:09
So 2019, as you may know, is a new redesign for the truck. So we’ve changed the chassis, the interior, the lines on the outside as well and added some new trim levels too.
Amy: 01:23
Okay. Tell me a little bit about that.
Collin: 01:25
So we have the Trail Boss this year. And what’s nice about the Trail Boss is it gives you a very off-road capable vehicle. And we also offer it at different trim levels too. So you can get one in the custom trim level or you can get it in an LT or LTZ.
Amy: 01:44
Oh, wow. Okay. So a lot of options. So what kind of feedback have you been hearing about this from customers or word on the street?
Collin: 01:50
People are excited. They’re excited about the redesign. They like the truck’s a little bit bigger. And as we know, trucks have been getting bigger and bigger.
Amy: 02:00
Bigger is better.
Collin: 02:01
Yeah, right? And it’s got all the new technology on it too.
Amy: 02:05
Okay. So people, they’re excited.
Collin: 02:06
Yeah. People have been excited. They’re coming in to check it out. Yeah.
Amy: 02:10
All right. So are there any other trucks in the line up that are getting a lot of love right now or attention?
Collin: 02:14
The Colorado’s a very popular truck. As far as mid-sized trucks on the market, there’s not very many to choose from. And in that class, you’ve got the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma. So as far as bang for your buck, you’re definitely getting– you’re getting the most value with the Colorado. As well as we have one of our top trim lines, the ZR2, is one of the most off-road capable vehicles there is. So it’s beating out the Toyota Tacoma Pro and some of its other competitors too.
Amy: 02:53
All right. If I was trying to decide between the Silverado and the Colorado, what would you say is– what kind of person is each truck for?
Collin: 03:03
Right. So the Silverado has a lot more room in the cab and a lot more bed length. But the Colorado is more efficient, a little bit smaller on the inside but pretty satisfactory for most people. I would say it just depends on what you want to do. If you’re going to be taking it off-road, if you’re going on narrow trails and smaller terrain then the Colorado is going to work out really well. If you got a big family and a lot of stuff that you’re pulling around with it or towing, the Silverado might be a better choice.
Amy: 03:41
Okay. All right, makes sense. All right. So any other news coming up for the trucks? Any updates on your heavy duty trucks? Or anything else we can look forward to?
Collin: 03:48
Well, I’m glad you asked about that. So 2020, there’s a redesign coming up on the Silverado 2500s. People are excited about it. One main feature in that truck is going to be our 6.6L gasoline V8, which is all new for that truck. And we’re talking about 400 horsepower. It’s a nice option for somebody who doesn’t want to go to diesel but still needs that optimum horsepower and tow capacity for it. As well as a facelift, it looks completely different like the 2019 Silverado 1500.
Amy: 04:25
Okay. Excellent.
Collin: 04:26
Yeah. We’re excited about that.
Amy: 04:28
That’s very exciting news. So there’s a lot to look forward to from Chevy trucks.
Collin: 04:31
Amy: 04:33
So do you have advice for truck owners out there that might be on the fence about which truck to buy? Why they should maybe go with Chevy or not? I mean, what–?
Collin: 04:40
Well, like I said before, we have the longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road. The most fuel efficient V8 in any truck with the 5.3L. So there’s a lot of reasons to choose Chevy over other brands. But as far as I’m concerned, we have the best truck.
Amy: 04:57
Okay. I mean, you can’t argue with that, right?
Collin: 04:59
Amy: 05:00
So, Collin, you see a lot of what happens here like the customers that come in for trucks. Tell us a little bit about what your market is here at Simi Valley Chevrolet for people that want trucks.
Collin: 05:09
We have a very diverse truck consumers. We do have people that are buying them for their company, commercial trucks. We also have a lot of consumers that are just like you and I that just want a Silverado to tow their boat to the lake or to have enough room for the family. For any of those reasons, a Silverado’s a great choice. We get all walks of life here.
Amy: 05:36
I’ve even heard that Simi Valley Chevrolet is multilinguistic. There’s [crosstalk]–
Collin: 05:40
Simi Valley Chevrolet– yeah. We have many different languages spoken here. Just off the top of my head, I know we have a Russian guy, we’ve got Farsi, Zimbabwe. There’s many different people here and we’re able to communicate with all of them.
Amy: 05:56
With all of them. So this is the place to get your trucks, Simi Valley Chevrolet.
Collin: 05:58
It really is. It really is.
Amy: 06:00
All right. So thanks again, Colin, for your time. If anybody does want to come in for a test drive, they can come to Simi Valley Chevrolet. Do you have any last tips you want to share or–?
Collin: 06:10
No. But I do want to say thank you guys for watching. And thank you to all of our customers out there. And please stop by and ask for me if you’d like me to show you any of the trucks on the lot.
Amy: 06:21
Perfect. Thank you, Collin.
Collin: 06:22
Thank you [music].